About Me

Hi, I’m Dinene Wolf.  Glad to meet you. Welcome to my travel and photography blog. As you probably figured out, I’m a photographer and a travel bug. I’ve been taking pictures all my life, even before I owned a camera. I love to tell stories with my photos. I’ve traveled to many places the past several years…Egypt, Italy, Costa Rica, Haiti, India, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the good ole’ USA. Along the way, I’ve taken many photographs. I do the usually touristy photos so I have a memory of my trip but I mostly concentrate on impressions of the places that I visit. Instead of taking a photo of an entire building, I tend to concentrate on things like windows, doors, textures, patterns, and so on. I love to photograph people doing everyday things like waiting for the bus, reading the paper in the park, etc… I love capturing the moment. I hope you enjoy my photography and travel blog. I encourage you to leave comments.

Happy day to you. And to all you photographers out there, Happy Shooting.


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